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by Desiree on October 18, 2008

(This week’s Absolute Favorite HNT is brought to you by . Love the knee socks!)

– I love this, honest, non-pretending account of the factors that lead up to Wendy’s decision.

And lets throw some super honesty in. I’m excited about being able to wear high heels again. (I haven’t been able to wear them for the past 60lbs or so. I’m too off balance with weak ankles. They don’t hold me up.) It will be nice to be able to borrow clothes from my mother again. It’ll be great that my boobs might go down a bit (I know they’re only large B’s, but I liked them when they were A’s!). I’d really like to not knock stuff over with my butt. I think these are fair and valid feelings. But they still don’t take away from the fact that I am unhealthy and need help.

– Elizabeth brings up a good point about the slippery slope.

If we don’t stand up for each other, all of us who engage in sexual expression that is stigmatized or criminalized, all of us who engage in sexual exchange outside of socially-sanctioned relationships, we are, all of us, sunk.

– Um…whoa!

At first it is a train of clear water down her thigh and then it squirts like a little torrent. Her body is so overcome she is bucking like a animal trying to escape a trap. It goes on and on until it seems like almost too long, like something is wrong but then suddenly she is still except for her trembling legs.

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