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Sex in Movies – “Make Me Feel Good”

by Desiree on April 28, 2008

Halle Berry Sex Scene - kewego

Tirée de "Monster’s Ball "

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I’d be totally remiss if I started collecting the best sex scenes in cinema without mentioning this scene from Monster’s Ball.

There are so many things to love about this scene.

Halle Berry’s raw desperation in this scene is awesome. Her son was just killed and she’s beside herself. And what better to take your mind off the whole thing than getting righteously shagged by Billy Bob Thorton and demanding over and over again “make me feel good”.

Halle Berry, besides being smoking hot, really shows her stuff (no pun intended) as an actress here. It isn’t a wonder she won an Oscar for this.

Billy Bob is sexy. I know many people don’t think so but I do. I’d totally do him. And I suggest any actor wanting to improve his love scene game take notes from him.

I love that they go through like five positions in three minutes.

I love that you can see the actors. None of the fancy draping with the sheets.

I love that Billy Bob can’t seem to take his hands off Halle’s ass for one second.

I love that they never quite make it to a bed.

I love the sheer emotional violence of the sex in this scene, as if each of them is taking out years of anger and resentment on the other.

And I love that by the end, you can see that they’ve made a real connection.

The scene is raw, acid, real. It’s not flowery and artistic and fake as many love scenes in film are. It’s the nitty gritty. It’s how real people fuck (not that I’m saying real people don’t ever make love in gardens of roses…just that no one I know has).

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